Fast Facts:

  • first planet from the Sun
  • average distance from the Sun is 58 million km
  • average temperature during the day is 410 degrees Celsius
  • average temperature during the night is -170 degrees Celsius
  • diameter at equator 4878km
  • no moons
  • length of day is 176 Earth days
  • length of year is 88 Earth days
  • no atmosphere
  • nearest distance to Earth is 45 million km

Old basin is 190 km in diameter. It is partly degraded and cratered by later events.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Northwestern University


A scarp, or cliff, more than 300 kilometers long extends diagonally from upper right  to lower left. Numerous similar structures have been found on the planet.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Northwestern University

At lower left, a portion of a 61 kilometer crater shows a flow front extending across the crater floor and filling more than half of the crater. The smaller, fresh crater at center is about 25 kilometers  in diameter.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Northwestern University