Fast Facts:

  • fourth planet from the Sun
  • average distance from the Sun is 228 million km
  • average temperature during the day 0 degrees Celsius
  • average temperature during the night -170 degrees Celsius
  • diameter at equator is 6,794km
  • the number of moons is two
  • length of day is 24hrs 37mins
  • length of year is 687 Earth days
  • atmosphere is carbon dioxide
  • nearest distance to Earth is 78 million km


Apollinaris Patera

The Apollinaris Patera volcano has a patch of bright clouds hanging over its summit in the early martian afternoon. This ancient volcano is located near the equator and--based on observations from the 1970s Viking Orbiters--is thought to be as much as 5 kilometers high. The caldera--the semi-circular crater at the volcano summit--is about 80 kilometers  across. 

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems