Meaning: a tornado is a powerful swirling wind that can destroy most objects in it path.

Fast Facts:

  • twisting windstorm
  • wind can be revolving up to 320 kilometres per hour
  • several hundred metres in diameter, but some go up to two and half kilometres diameter
  • they can cause widespread destruction
  • some skip, touching down destroying as they do so
  • in the USA they move in northeast directions
  • most last less than 1 hour
  • most travel between 15 to 40 kilometres per hour, however some have move alone at over 100km/h
  • most travel around 30 kilometres, however some have traveled over 300km
  • They are formed on the boundary between cool dry air and warm humid air. The warm air rises quickly and more warm air rushes in to replace it rotating as it collides with the cool dry air.