Did you know that 22 million people worldwide were displaced by natural disasters in 2013 alone? Although rescue groups make every effort to protect the wellbeing of people enduring these hardships, I recently learned there is so much we can do ourselves ahead of time to prepare for the worst.

Getting Your Family Prepared for a Disaster

It’s crucial for your entire household to know your family’s plan of action should you be caught in inclement weather, and this resource provides helpful information on how to involve and care for your children in this situation.

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe When Disaster Strikes

Our animal companions are important family members, and special care should be taken to keep them safe in an emergency.

A Caregiver’s Natural Disaster Prep List

Many of us are now caring for our senior relatives, whether they live nearby or share our homes. This article from AARP offers insight on how to help ensure their safety.

Homeowner’s Guide to Lightning Safety

Unfortunately, lightning is a force of nature that’s always in season. This guide will thoroughly educate you on how to protect your home and family members from the dangers of lightning.

Tornado Safety: How to Stay Safe During the Storm

Tornadoes come without warning, so it’s critical to have a safety plan in place should you ever hear those dreaded warning alert sirens.


The strong winds and torrential rain that are characteristic of hurricanes can have major impact when they make landfall. This preparedness plan will help you feel ready before, during and after the storm.

While we can’t prevent disastrous weather from occurring, we can certainly take action in protecting ourselves and our loved ones should the worst ever happen.

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