Forest Fires

Meaning: an out of control fire sweeping through a forest, destroying all in its path.

Fast Facts:

  • they can be called bush fires or wild fires

  • they can start as a result of a burn off that gets out of control. The day might get hotter, the wind direction might change and the fire gets out of control.

  • they can be deliberately started by people

  • they can occur as a result of people using power equipment that showers sparks onto dry foliage

  • they can occur as a result of a lightning strike

  • even though they are called forest they can destroy housing and kill many people

  • large fires can be the result of huge amounts of fuel on forest floors

  • many forest areas have specially built fire access roads to aid in fire fighting

  • many countries have specially trained forest fire fighters. These people are supported by a trained group of volunteers.