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Crop Circles

a picture of a cropcircle

Fast Facts:

  • All the evidence points to the fact that crop circles are made by pranksters.

  • They are geometric patterns made in cereal crops. The crops are flatten to produce the designs.

  • No hard evidence exists that points to aliens or ufo involvement in the production of the shapes.

  • Most patterns can be reproduces using ropes to set out the design and planks to flatten the crops.

  • Some people still believe that crop circle are a sign of a ufo visit.

a picture of a cropcircle
Image by Jabberocky of a Crop circle in Switzerland

a picture of a cropcircle
A crop circle in the form of a double (six-sided) Triskelion composed of Circles:
image from Chris 73

 a photo of a ufo

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