mosters MONSTERS

Monsters real or not?

Many countries have their own monsters.

Some are:

Almas - Mongolia
Amomongo - Negros, Philippines
Barmanou - Afghanistan and Pakistan
Bigfoot or Sasquatch - Pacific Northwest USA
Bunyip - Australia
Chuchunaa - Siberia
Fear liath - Scotland
Fouke Monster - Fouke, Arkansas
Hibagon - Japan
Loch Ness Monster -Scottland
Momo the Monster - Missouri, Louisiana
Người Rừng - Vietnam
Nuk-luk - Northwest Territories, Canada
Old Yellow Top - Canada
Orang Mawas - Malaysia
Orang Pendek - Sumatra, Indonesia
Pitt Lake Giant - British Columbia, Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania
Skunk Ape - Florida
Woodwose, medieval Europe
Yezron - Hubei, China
Yeti -Himalays
Yowie - Australia

Fast Facts:

* Many of the sightings are hoaxes or misidentified animals.
* Photos are blurred or faked.
* Physical evidence such as hair and footprints either belong to known animals or have been faked.
* Monsters are good for the tourist trade, selling newspapers and books and the production of movies and low level sensational documentaries.
* No hard scientific evidence  has been produced to prove that monsters exist or have existed.
* We know about dinosaurs because we have the evidence (these animals died out 64 million years ago) and yet we know little about today's monsters.