Ghosts real or not?  Ghosts are said to be the spirits of people or animals that have died in circumstance that require their spirit to remain in the here and now.  They are normally associated with horrific incidents. Many of these incidents occurred in the distant past and cannot be verified. Many ghost stories don't stand up to scientific analysis. In literature ghosts have been used as a character since the earliest times.

fake picture of a ghost
Spirit photograph by William Hope (1863-1933)

Fast Facts:

* Where is the evidence?
* Photographs of invisible creatures, come on if the being is invisible how can it be photographed?
* Unexplained events are just that--- unexplained until the real science can come and examine it.
* Some people make a great deal of money dealing with so called unexplained events.
*Ghost stories are just that..... stories. ....fascinating, scary or just funny.
*One of the funniest ghosts in films is the Marshmallow man in "Ghostbusters".



a real ghost
Graphic by LUU LY