Australia's First People


Information about Victoria's First People is incomplete. What follows is a list of health conditions and remedies as noted by European settlers. All accounts by European settlers need to be viewed with care. These accounts might be misinterpretations.

severe cold/ rheumatism
..treatment: "a vapour bath is produced by kindling a fire in a hole in the ground, covering it with green leaves, and pouring water on them. the sick person is placed over this, and covered with a possum rug and steamed till profuse perspiration takes place. the person is then rubbed dry with hot ashes and ordered to keep warm." (Dawson  1881)

ear aches
..treatment: hot stones were placed in a hole in the ground, water was poured on the stones and the ear was held over the steam thus made. (Dawson 1881)


..treatment: eucalyptus gum was place in the hollow of the offending tooth. (Dawson 1881)

general pain

..treatment: sow thistles were eaten raw. (Dawson 1881)


..treatment: the small roots of the narrow-leafed gum tree, or the bark of the acacia are mixed with hot water and the liquid taken. (Dawson 1881)

wounds and cuts
..treatment: wood ashes are applied. (Dawson 1881)


..treatment: burns are covered with fat. (Dawson 1881)

..treatment: sore that are difficult to heal are covered with owl fat. (Dawson  1881)  bandages were also used. (Brough Smyth 1878)


..treatment: leaves are heated until very hot and are then placed on area that has been stung. (Brough Smyth 1878)

In the treatment of some sicknesses both diet and massage were used in the treatment of the  patient. (Brough Smyth 1878)