Australia's First People

Aborigines Timeline

50000 Aborigines arrived sometime before this time.
38000 Earliest settlement around Lake Mungo, N.S.W.
32000 Use of stone tools without handles.
32780 Use of fired clay nodules used for cooking.
30000 Aborigines living in Maribyrnong Valley, Victoria.
26300 It is possible that Procoptodons, giant kangaroos, were still hunted in N.S.W.
26200 Earliest known fireplace at Lake Yantara, N.S.W.
26000 First Aborigines arrive in Tasmania.
25000 Earliest known cremation ceremony. Lake Mungo, N.S.W.
22000 Aborigines now living in the Blue Mountains.
21300 Earliest known cave markings and flint quarry, Koonalda Cave, Nullabor Plain.
20760 Stone tools used in Burrill Lake area of N.S.W.
20000 Edge-ground axes with handles used at Oenpelli, N.T.
19000 Earliest known use of ochre, Kenniff Cave, Qld.
Bone tools used at Devil's Lair, W.A.
18000 Aborigines living in Victorian Eastern Highlands.
Food grinding stones used in Alligator River and Kimberley areas.
17000 Aborigines living in the Sydney area, N.S.W.
15000 Sea level begins to rise.
13000 Aborigines living in the Kow Swamp area, Victoria.
12000 Land bridge from Victoria to Tasmania cut by rising sea level.
10000 Boomerangs used in Wyrie Swamp area, South Australia.
10000 Pebble choppers used in South West Tasmania.
10000 Tasmanian Tiger still found in Kiowa district of New Guinea.
9000 Last glaciers can be found on Fzronchman's Cap, Tasmania.
7000 Land bridge from New Guinea to Australia cut by rising sea level.
6000 Sea level reaches today level.
Volcanoes still active i Western Victoria.
5000 The use of small tools begins in South Eastern Australia.
4000 The dingo arrives in Australia.
3000 Canals, weirs and fish traps built to harvest fish and eels at Lake Condah, Victoria.
Tasmanian devils still living in Arnhem Land.
200 The Murray River environment supports more Aborigines than most other areas of Australia.
200 European Settlers arrive