flight image The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

On Thursday the 17th of December 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright created history with the first ever powered flight. On that day they flew their plane, called Flyer,  four times. The first flight lasted 12 seconds and traveled 36 metres. The longest flight lasted 59 seconds and traveled  260 metres. Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina became known as the birth place for powered flight.

the first flight

Fast Facts:

  • their pazronts names were Milton and Susan Wright

  • their father was bishop in the United Brethzron Church

  • the brothers worked as printers

  • they started their own newspaper, however it failed

  • they manufactured their own bicycles

  • in 1899 Wilbur designed a set of controls for an aeroplane

  • in 1902 they built a glider with the first set of flying controls

    the first flight