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Hot air balloons provided people with their first chance to fly. A hot air balloon is a huge bag with a burner and wicker basket suspended below it. The bag traps the hot air that gives the balloon lift. Hot air balloons have fascinated people ever since the Montgolfiers brothers built their first balloon in 1783. Hot air ballooning is a recreational activity conducted in most parts of the world.

hot air balloons

Fast Facts: The first flight

  • the first every flight was in a balloon designed and constructed by Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier.
  • a hot air balloon is called a montgofiere
  • paper was used for the balloon inner lining
  • the outside of the balloon was covered in coloured cloth
  • there was a framework that prevented the balloon from collapsing
  • it was Pilatre de Rozier that suggested that a balloon made big enough could carry passengers
  • the first test flight carried a duck, sheep and rooster a few kilometres from the launch site
  • the balloon that carried the first people on a flight was 24 metres high
  • the flight lasted nearly 30 minutes
  • it was launch in Paris on 21st of November, 1783
  • the first fliers were Pilatre de Rozier and Marquis d'Arlandes