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Animals at the Museum of Victoria,
Melbourne, Australia.

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  Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby (Petrogale xanthopus)
Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby
Petrogale xanthopus
Bear Cuscus (Ailusops ursinus)
Bear Cuscus
Ailusops ursinus
Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus)
Sloth Bear
Melursus ursinus
Himalayan Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus)
Himalayan Tahr
Hemitragus jemlahicus
Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus)
Grey Wolf
Canis Lupus
Brazilian Porcupine (Coendous prehensilis)
Brazilian Porcupine
Coendous prehensilis
Cape Hare (Lepus capensis)
Cape Hare
Lepus capensis
Suni (Nesotragus moschatus)
Nesotragus moschatus
  Fennec (Vulpes zerda)
Vulpes zerda
Puma (Puma concolor)
Puma concolor